The Mindful Mommy

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night. Wherever or whenever you are this blog is going to be about any and everything “mom”. I may get off subject or even go down a complete rabbit hole but we all do it! I will talk about things from the joys of motherhood to views on politics. There will be tips, tricks, and hacks. I will try to make sure I keep all coupons links up to date. I want to be the thing every mom looks forward to in her day. This is a safe place to laugh, cry, be mad, be confused… We will work through all this together. I will open up and show you my most vulnerable side but I have one request. I want you to challenge me. Challenge me to discuss the hard things. I want to dig into the ways of the world and help you to understand them by comparing them to the word of God. I am a Christian woman and I am not afraid to show it. Some of you immediately just stopped reading this post and that is okay. For those still with me, I will NOT preach to you. I will NOT intentionally belittle you or make you feel uncomfortable. I WILL share with you my life story and yes, it is one that includes my walk with God. I hope you stay tuned and keep up with my posts, Monday-Thursday! 🙂