Financial Peace

And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others”. – 2 Corinthians 9:8


Money is the leading cause of stress in relationships. Unfortunately, 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Statistics will tell you the x, y, and z reasons behind it but I am willing to say the majority of the factors leading to those divorces was a divide over money and finances. It shouldn’t come as a shock to newlyweds that once you are married there is no longer “my money” and “your money”. You made the choice for 2 become one. Some may be laughing right now because, YEAH RIGHT. Dave Ramsey clearly states that due to the fact that opposites attract there will always be a spender and a saver. One is the nerd and one is the free spirit. The nerd may be a spender or saver and the free spirit may be the spender or saver. Either way, the two of you may have become one in the spirit and under God but clearly there are 2 separate people in the flesh.

Luke and I recently started Dave’s Financial Peace University study. It is a 9 week study to help us knock out our debt. With a 3 month old and one on the way this is something we both knew had to be done but just didn’t have the right tools. Well, now we do. We plan to get rid of our car payment this year and put back at least 10% for our new house. That is going to be a huge deal since we are also trying to build up our emergency fund AND put back money for my maternity leave. To say our budget is down to the penny is an understatement.

We both felt like this was the right choice for us. We made the decision to take on the Ramsey as a team. As a married couple that is what you are after all, a team. Imagine you and your spouse on the same baseball team for this. Without the catcher, the opposing batter would always be able to outrun the other team because there is no one there to back them up. Without a pitcher, there is no way for the opposing batter to ever make any progress. A husband and wife must work together like the World Series depends on it. I only use a baseball analogy because I grew up at the ball field and always loved watching the strength that one team would show in a big game. When they worked together and truly had each other’s backs, they always won the game. It’s the same for your marriage. When you both work together and constantly keep the other one in check financially there should never be a dispute.

Work together on forming the budget, have a monthly financial meeting, and compromise on things. Do not give your spouse an allowance, make your children do chores on “commission” and most importantly put God first. He blesses us with our income and because of that He deserves, more like owns, our money. Our paychecks are never truly ours and when you don’t give back what’s not rightfully yours, you are stealing from God. Dave says to give 10% in tithe. Challenge yourself and God on this. Whether that is tithing 11% or even giving a little more to a local charity or church. Regardless, budgets are important in marriages and I hope you find the link to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace university to be helpful. Link is on the bottom of my home page!


Thanks and have and blissfully mindful day!


2 thoughts on “Financial Peace

  1. Loved your blog! Regarding your desire to try coupling, consider this link to an app that “pays you back “for what you spend buying groceries. I have been doing it since Oct and have amassed $150.00 for buying the foods I always buy!


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