Little bit of Bey, whole lot of Jesus

“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.” – Psalm 95:1

Let’s talk a little about music and a lot about love. I am a music lover of all genres. I could listen to just about any station on the radio and find something I like about the song. My daily music routine usually involves a little K-Love in the mornings to get my attitude where it needs to be for the day. We don’t have music in the office where I work so sometimes I like to play a little pop music on my phone to keep my spirits up or else I would drown in the silence. After work I love to listen to my country music. While I am at the gym of course I have to have upbeat, dance music to get my heart rate up. Moral of the story, music is my game.

On this day 10 years ago the number one song on the billboard charts was Irreplaceable by Beyoncé. I believe we all have that one person, that one song we channel and become a whole new person while we sing or perform. Even if that’s performing for the car next to you at the red light or for your shower head every morning. This used to be that song for me. It wasn’t because I shared a connection with the lyrics by any means because 10 years ago I was only 13 therefore didn’t truly understand what the words “I could have another you in a minute, Matter fact he’ll be here in a minute, baby” really meant. Here I am at the young age of 13 singing about a woman kicking out her man for cheating. All the while she has another one lined up.


Now that I am older and I can let these lyrics sink in, it paints a very vivid picture. This woman is out in her front yard throwing all of her boyfriend’s clothes and everything he owns out into the yard. I can just imagine the yelling, the crying, and the hateful words. She tells him how easily replaceable he is and how she can’t ever be replaced. Women, whether you are happily married or single and looking, please never be with someone you don’t feel is worth your time. I have never looked at my husband (even while we were dating) and thought “Man, I could definitely have anyone else but I guess I will keep him around until he screws up”. You date a man to potentially marry the man. You don’t date to sleep around, you don’t date to brag you went on a date, and you definitely don’t date for money. Date to marry. The man should treat you like you are worth a million bucks.

Luke has always made me feel that I was his top priority even while we were dating. It wasn’t because he got me flowers or bought me nice things. In all honestly, I have only received flowers from him once in 5 years and that was on our honeymoon. That one time of getting those flowers from him meant more to be than any elaborate date he could have planned. We had just said I DO and made the vow to one another to be there for each other, good or bad, sick or well, annoying or loving. The flowers were just a gesture of his love. So is his love of God. When Luke digs into the word of God and learns what love truly is, he is able to love me “better”. When we see the example of God’s love for us and Jesus’ love for us we see what love really is. It is so much harder to try to put into words than just butterflies and a “spark”. Love has always been something I strive to learn more about. I want to be able to love my husband the way Christ loves the church.

I hope whoever is reading this has someone in their life they feel shows them this kind of love and if you don’t then take a Sunday and visit a local church. Let someone show you the way you are meant to be loved because sometimes it isn’t an earthly man that will be your first love but the love of Jesus that swells in your heart when you allow Him to enter your life. Women, love yourself enough to let Jesus love you. It’s this love that is the most satisfying.


Thanks and have a blissfully mindful day!


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