Morning Sickness.

For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes.” – Jeremiah 31:25

Hello my sweet darlings. So one thing I battled with in my first pregnancy was morning sickness. Well, it looks like the dirty, rotten monster is back. With Cade, I was sick from 6 weeks til about 14 weeks. So I went a little into my second trimester before I started to feel better. So far I am about 8-9 weeks along and still sick. Luckily I learned some tips and tricks with my little man to help combat the nausea. It also helps having Cade to care for in the mornings because I simply do not have time to get sick.
First things first, make sure you always eat. I skipped dinner last night because I just wasn’t hungry and that was a huge mistake. Make sure you ALWAYS eat. It is actually better to have 5 portioned meals a day versus 3 big meals. The heavier meals will just sit on your stomach and make you feel yucky. If you feel hungry grab you something with some protein in it. If you are constantly running to the bathroom and don’t think you can eat, just try your best to keep saltines near by. Also, water is crucial when battling morning sickness. Not only does it keep you from getting dehydrated but it also sits a lot better on your stomach then your normal morning drink like coffee or orange juice. *It also helps some people to keep crackers by the bed and nibble on a few before even stepping out of bed. This way you have a little something on your stomach before jolting your body awake when you stand up.

Second, if you are truly battling morning sickness (which by the way can happen any time of the day; morning, afternoon, or evening) do not hesitate to call your doctor. Some women think less of themselves or are so worried to take any form of medicine that may harm the baby that they actually just torture themselves more than they have to. My doctor prescribed me diclegis with Cade and I took one every night. It eased my stomach enough to get some rest while also keeping my stomach settled for the next morning. It is totally safe for you AND the baby. I know some people may urge you not to take zofran during pregnancy also but I had a nasty stomach bug when i was about 29 weeks along and that hospital pumped me with everything they knew me and the baby could stand. Trust me, if you are sick and need help. GET HELP.

Lastly, do some research. Everyone is different. What helped me may not work for you. Some people swear by those sea sick bands you wear on your wrist that sit on your pressure point to relieves nausea. They didn’t work AT ALL for me. I may have even gotten more sick wearing them because I was so frustrated that they weren’t working. I tried preggy pops, sea sick bands, wearing lose clothes, eating bland foods, no strenuous exercises, etc… I tried so many things with Cade because all I ever wanted was relief from the feeling I was going to throw up every 10 minutes. I didn’t get that relief until I was on diclegis. This go around isn’t as often that I feel sick but when I do get the wave of nausea it is a lot stronger with this one. I know everyone says all pregnancies are different and so far those people are right.

Please, feel free to comment and let others know what helped you to battle morning sickness. I know I have spent hours on google looking up ways to ease nausea. I would also like to learn some new home remedies to help out with the sick feeling. Let’s get the mom power working!


Thanks and have a blissfully mindful day!


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