Delightful desserts to rave about

“How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” – Psalm 119:103

It is common in my husband’s family to have discussions about “nothing” so today I pose this question.

When eating your ice cream, do you stir it up then eat it or leave it as it and scoop it out of the bowl?


I love my sweets and I tend to have a pretty big sweet tooth. I prefer dark chocolate to milk, cake to pie, and brownie to cookie. Ladies, tell me all your favorite sweets! I truly love watching The Pioneer Woman create some fabulous sweet treats. Linked below is one of my favorite dishes, Ice Cream Layer Cake. It’s super easy and tastes so good. There is a video to show how to make it and some pictures of some oh so delightful desserts. *Disclaimer: you may need to hop on the treadmill just after seeing these desserts because just looking at their deliciousness will make you gain 5 lbs.!!

  • Balaboosta’s Bakery Remix Chocolate Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Layer Cake – New York City, NY

    crazy dessert.pngyum right???

  • Black Tap Sweet N’ Salty Milkshake – New York City, NYcrazy dessert 2.pngSO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!

  • Yardbird Southern Bacon Butterscotch Cake – Las Vegas, NVcrazy dessert 3.pngMy mom would love this one because she is the BACON queen!

  • Lavo Las Vegas 20 Layer Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake – Las Vegas, NV

    crazy dessert 4.pngOk, this requires a tall glass of milk for sure..

  • Homemade Mocha Donut Cake; courtesy of Sugar Hero

           crazy-dessert-5This is a donut lover’s dream come true!

I hope you have enjoyed checking out these crazy sweet treats! Don’t forget – comment and let me know some of your favorite desserts or try to find the CRAZIEST dessert you can and share with us! Below is the link to the Pioneer Woman’s Ice Cream Layer Cake. It is a definite must-try!

God first, then your family, then whatever else you love!

Thanks and have a blissfully mindful day!


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