Opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody has one. If you have ever been pregnant then you know that opinions are something people feel the need to share with you, like on a daily basis.

There is a woman I work with, not closely, that always loves to share her opinion on my pregnancies. When she found out about baby #1, her first question was “Well, y’all didn’t plan for this though right?” My response was that no, we didn’t plan for it but it was such a blessing. From that moment until the end of my pregnancy I got little “opinions” here and there. “You sure are gaining a lot of weight with this one, I only gained 5 lbs” or “how is everything going? I know it must be so hard”. NOBODY DIED, no horrible, tragic thing happened. We were pregnant for goodness sake. This is the most wonderful, beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. She just made the experience of pregnancy a little less fun every time I saw her. So I knew when I told her about baby #2 she would just freak out.

I pulled her into my office and showed her our announcement and she went “Oh my God, seriously? This was an accident though right, y’all sure didn’t plan for this did you?” My response? No, we didn’t but just like with Cade this child is a blessing and we are so excited. Well, my neighbor cubical buddy decided to play a little joke on her and tell her it was twins and of course – she had opinions.

This all leads me to this morning. I walked to the break-room to grab a snack and on my way back she asked “So, when will we find out if it’s twins?” I said well, we are actually only having 1. She said “Oh that’s good. I know it would have been awful if it was two”. I said actually we would have been ecstatic. That just means we have another little one to love, plus me and my husband want more children anyways so it would have been fine. Of course her face scrunched up and was in shock and she said” really? *insert awkward laughing* wow, ok” So I walked off.

Moral of the story, I have been through this once with hearing the opinions and the tips and the advise. I appreciate all advise I do, however, I have zero patience with this pregnancy. My hormones are off course out of wack and I don’t think I will be able to bite my tongue this go around with her. I know I am going to explode one day on her and I just hope I can reel myself back in without saying something the Lord would be ashamed to hear.

Thank you for listening to me vent a little, to show my appreciation – here is an ultrasound picture of our little 9 week old grape!


Thanks and have a blissfully mindful day.


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