Pregnancy Weight Gain

I am going to lay it all out on the table today. When I was pregnant with Cade I gained 56 pounds. This was a combination of severe water retention and also my daily need for taco bell. Yes, it was daily and I got a bean burrito no onion with a chicken quesadilla (extra sauce) every single day. It filled me up and also met my craving for something spicy. I also gave up completely on working out and did not watch what I ate. This all led to a 2 night stay in the women’s adult ICU in Huntsville just 4 days after having Cade. I had retained so much water that I had built up fluid around my lungs and heart. My BP was through the roof and I KNOW that if I would have made healthier choices when it came to lunch and put forth more effort in my exercise routine that this wouldn’t have happened.

I vowed that I will do better this pregnancy. I am 10 weeks pregnant today and have had no Taco Bell cravings (PTL). I have slacked to maybe 1 soda a week… I still gotta splurge I’m not that disciplined yet. I have upped my water intake, I’ve been choosing fruits and low carb treats instead of my usual snacks. I am also at the gym 3-4 times a week. I either ride the bike, walk on the treadmill, or stair step on the elliptical. I feel much better and I have actually lost 3 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. My goal is to lose as much fat as I am gaining in baby weight. This means I could actually stay at the weight I am now. The weight loss plus baby weight gain would actually balance out. Lose 5 lbs of fat, gain 5 lbs of baby!

PLEASE tell me all of your tips and tricks to keep BP down, bg low, and workouts to keep me accountable.

Thanks and have a blissfully mindful day!


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